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Mini Test - 2 [Questions]

  1. False about nutrient agar
    •  No nutritive value it just a solidified media
    •  Made from gelidium n gracolaria
    •  0.5 to 1.5% agar used for to inhibit swarming
    •  2% agar used to solidified media
  2. Bexsero vaccine is for which disease?
    •  A.Meningococcus
    •  B.Hemophilus
    •  C.Polio
    •  D.Rabies
    •  Also known as Benign recurrent neutrophilic meningitis
    •  HERPES simplex is most common cause
    •  recurrent benign septic meningitis
    •  all
  4. Oxygen consumption of heart in ml/kg/min?
    •  A.0 .2
    •  B.2
    •  C.12
    •  D.20
  5. Frog face deformity seen in?
    •  A. Nasopharyngeal Ca
    •  B. Ludwig’s angina
    •  C. Angiofibroma
    •  D. Frontal sinus mucocele
  6. The following drug is not helpful in the treatment of ectopic pregnancy:
    •  A. Methotrexate
    •  B. Misoprostol
    •  C. Actinomycin-D
    •  D. RU 486
  7. A Lower Segment Caesarean section (LSCS) can be carried out under all the following techniques of anaesthesia except:
    •  A. General anaesthesia
    •  B. Spinal anaesthesia
    •  C. Caudal anaesthesia
    •  D. Combined Spinal Epidural anaesthesia
  8. Look at the image below. This is a specimen of ovary removed from a female, complaining of mass per abdomen. What is the diagnosis.
    [Image: edifnYL.jpg]
    •  A. Choriocarcinoma
    •  B. Dysgerminoma
    •  C. Embryonal cell tumor
    •  D. Teratoma
  9. The important diagnostic microscopic feature in carcinoma of prostate is :
    •  a. Increased mitoses
    •  b. Proliferation of glandular epithelium
    •  c. Invasion of perineural lymphatics
    •  d. Back-to-back arrangement of the glands
  10. Chronic endometritis is diagnosed microscopically by the presence of :
    •  a.Eosinophils
    •  b. Giant cells
    •  c. Caseation
    •  d. Plasma cells
  11. A 40 year old man presented with painless hematuria. Bimanual examination revealed a ballotable mass over the right flank. Subsequently right Nephrectomy was done and mass was seen to be shown as below:
    [Image: jwkAZbH.jpg]
    Cytogenic analysis of this mass is likely to reveal an abnormality of:
    •  a) Chromosome 1
    •  b) Chromosome 3
    •  c) Chromosome 11
    •  d) Chromosome 17
  12. a lesion in the optic radiation involving Meyers loop causes
    •  a) homonymous hemianopia
    •  b) superior quadrantopia
    •  c) inferior quadrantopia
    •  d) central scotoma
  13. A new aminoglycoside antibiotic (5 mg/kg) was infused intravenously over 30 min to a 70-kg volunteer. The plasma concentrations of the drug were measured at various times after the end of the infusion, as recorded in the table and shown in the figure below

    [Image: T1VnI1x.jpg]

    The elimination half-life (t 1/2) of the aminoglycoside in this patient was approximately?
    •  a. 0.6 h
    •  b. 1.2 h
    •  c. 2.1 h
    •  d. 3.1 h
  14. In the above patient [Look at the image in previous question]..
    The apparent volume of distribution (Vd) of the drug in this patient was approximately:
    •  a. 0.62 L
    •  b. 19 L
    •  c. 50 L
    •  d. 110 L
  15. For biochemical analysis vitreous is sent in?
    •  HCL
    •  phenol
    •  formalin
    •  fluoride
  16. CVP and pulmonary wedge pressure gives an accurate assessment of all of the following except?
    •  A. Tissue perfusion
    •  B. Volume depletion
    •  C. Volume overload
    •  D. Myocardial function
  17. The doctor in the image below, developed the breakthrough methods of listening to mentally upset patients. He was a pioneer of the “Talking Cure”. He initially tried hypnosis, and later used his method of psychoanalysis. This involves exploring the symbolic meaning of the patients’ symptoms and memories to try to identify repressed memories. He felt that if they could be confronted the troubling symptoms would stop.
    Name the Scientist? 
    •  Daniel X. Freedman
    •  Christopher Paul
    •  Sigmund Freud
    •  William Glasser
  18. A 4-year-old girl is brought to her pediatrician because her parents think she does not seem to be “developing normally.” The girl’s mother states that her daughter seemed normal for at least the first 2 to 3 years of her life. She was walking and beginning to speak in sentences. She was able to play with her mother and older sister. The mother has been noticing that over the past 2 months her daughter has lost these previously acquired abilities. She will no longer play with anyone else and has stopped speaking entirely. She has lost all bowel control, when previously she had not needed a diaper for at least a year. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?
    •  a. Rett disorder
    •  b. Childhood disintegrative disorder
    •  c. Autism
    •  d. Asperger disorder
  19. Pseudopelade is also known as:
    •  A. Cicatricial alopecia
    •  B. Traction alopecia
    •  C. Premature alopecia
    •  D. Alopecia totalis
  20. Study the image below:
     What is the diagnosis?
    •  Acne Vulgaris
    •  Allergic Contact Dermatitis
    •  Dermatophytosis barbae
    •  Cutaneous Candidiasis
  21. All of the following are potential causes of hyperpro- lactinemia EXCEPT:
    •  A. Cirrhosis
    •  B. Hirsutism
    •  C. Nipple stimulation
    •  D. Opiate abuse
  22. The baloon atrial septostomy was first performed by?
    •  A) Rashkind
    •  B) De Bakey
    •  C) Blalock Taussig
    •  D) Kirklin
  23. All of the following are associated with increased levels of total T4 in the plasma with a normal free T4 EXCEPT:
    •  A. Cirrhosis
    •  B. Pregnancy
    •  C. Sick-euthyroid syndrome
    •  D. Familial dysalbuminemic hyperthyroxinemia
  24. A 40-year-old man had multiple blisters over the trunk and extremities. Direct immunofluorescence studies showed linear IgG. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?
    •  A. Pemphigus vulgaris
    •  B. Pemphigus foliaceus
    •  C. Bullous pemphigoid
    •  D. Dermatitis herpetiformis
  25. Study the immunofluroscent study in the image below:
    Clinical Presentation: A male patient of 11 yrs age presented with microscopic haematuria with few episodes of macroscopic haematuria, with nephrotic range proteinuria. The child also complaint of purpuric rash and joints pain. Nephrologist ordered biopsy and IF study.
    [Image: TiBpPPt.jpg]
    What is the probable diagnosis:
    •  Post streptococcal Glomerulonephritis
    •  IgA Nephropathy
    •  Minimal Change Disease
    •  Collagen type IV glomerulopathies
  26. The trichromatic theory of colour vision has been propounded by?
    •  Schiotz
    •  Von Graefe
    •  Young Helmholtz
    •  None of above
  27. In aphakia there is absence of following purkinje-sanson’s images?
    •  1st & 2nd
    •  3rd
    •  4th
    •  3rd & 4th
  28. Enzyme involved in the synthesis of both cholesterol as well as ketone bodies is?
    •  a. HMG CoA reductase
    •  b. HMG CoA synthase
    •  c. HMG CoA lyase
    •  d. Acetyl CoA synthetase
  29. All of the following fatty acids belong to ω3 family except:
    •  a) Alpha linolenic acid
    •  b) Timnodonic acid
    •  c) Cervonic acid
    •  d) Gamma linolenic acid
  30. Otitic barotrauma occurs due to?
    •  ascent in air
    •  descent in air
    •  linear acceleration
    •  sudden acceleration
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