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Image MCQs for 17-4-2017
Q. 1 - A 40-year-old man is involved in a car crash, presenting with blood pressure of 80 mm Hg. The patient is found to have subdural hematoma and a supracondylar fracture of the left femur FAST shows fluid within the abdomen. He is taken to the OR, where intra-abdominal bleeding is controlled, and the subdural hematoma is drained. The femur fracture (Fig given below) should be treated by which of the following?

[Image: evZFIFH.png]
Anteroposterior radiograph 

a. Long-leg cast
b. Steinmann pin insertion and traction
c. Operative reduction and internal reduction
d. Aspiration of knee joint

Q. 2 - The most likely cause of the finding pictured in Fig. in a patient who has undergone no procedures is:

[Image: 28mLsaW.png]

a. Renal stone
b. Bladder tumor
c. Motion artifact
d. Sigmoid diverticulitis

Q. 3 - An autopsy was performed following the death of a 72-year-old man. The kidney is shown in Fig. Which of the following clinical scenarios is most likely to explain the changes seen in this kidney?

[Image: k0Zz6j3.png]

a. Complete urinary outflow obstruction from an a. enlarged prostate
b. Renal infarct from an embolism originating in the atrium of the heart due to atrial fibrillation
c. Long-standing hypertension
d. Renal cell carcinoma

Q. 4 - A patient presents with a 24-hour history of periumbilical pain, now localized to the right lower quadrant. An abdominal CT scan is obtained in the ER, which is shown in Fig.
Which of the following is considered a physical sign often associated with this diagnosis?

[Image: cmCdUKu.png]

a. Pain on flexion a. of the right hip
b. Flank bruising
c. Pain in right lower quadrant with palpation in left lower quadrant
d. Inspiratory arrest while palpating under the right costal margin

Answers in the reply.
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