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DAMS - Worst coaching expirience
DAMSDelhi — I am sharing The Experience which I had with DAMS…sadly, it wasn’t a good experience at all

1. The classes are ill scheduled….not taking care of how the students will cover the things….at the end, when exams are approaching they keep classes too frequently, that it becomes difficult to even revise properly whatever is covered in classes because of exhaustive schedule….. 

2. There are no proper class tests taken…..class tests are given least importance and ignored… 

3. Syllabus is not covered properly in many subjects…many topics are just ignored…pharma, which is a major subject, is hardly 30-40% covered…many overlapping topics are not covered….some faculties are just not competent enough, they are either confused, or ill-knowledged, or too much haphazard in their approach… 

4. Subjectwise modules given are a nightmare to go through…they are huge….things are given in paragraphs, not in a well prepared note fashion…..its a mix and match of what is taught in class and what is not taught in class, so difficult to handle…. 

5. No proper seating arrangement…chairs are too much uncomfortable to attend 10-12 hour long classes... 

6. The classrooms are ill ventilated with no proper exhaust and air circulation leading to an unbearable atmosphere... 

7. They are lacking even in providing the basic aminities like clean toilet and water to wash hands… 

Below, I have taken each of the issues in detail….. 

There is a wave in the market due to which all the ‪#‎PGMEE aspirants are ending up joining DAMS for their PG Preparations. DAMS is Charging a Huge amount of Rs.98, 000, which is way more than other coaching institutes (which is around 65, 000) . BUT the big question is does it worth to give 35, 000 extra for getting coaching in DAMS...????? I joined DAMS in the October 2014 batch, with the hope that by joining early the course will be completed well in time before upcoming May exams. The batch was started on 19 th October 2014, with only 1.5 classes every week ( Saturday half day, and Sunday full day). By the end of December only four subjects were covered during which just 2-3 classes per week were taken. Then came January when the classes were increased to 3-4 per week. And now in march they are scheduling classes almost every day on the name of completing the syllabus and more importantly to free the space for new batches. They Say in their Booklets “Student First @ DAMS”….now I understood what they meant….student is the first to get fooled….student is the first to be targeted to make money….money is the only thing they care about …when you go for admission they very nicely tell you whole of schedule of classes and the tests…but later, once the fee is paid, they forget everything what they have said…neither the classes are well scheduled, nor the class tests are taken regularly… Its actually “Money First @ DAMS” About class schedule : In the starting they kept classes 2 days a week…in initial 11 weeks only 4-5 small subjects were covered, instead of 8-10 subjects….by this they were simply saving money which they have to give to the lecturers for each subject…they didn’t care about the students….they also clubbed Gautam Nagar Batch With Karol Bagh (to save lecturer’s fee), due to which students from Gautam Nagar have to come all the way to Karol bagh wasting around 3-4 hours daily in travelling…. once the strength was enough, which is after 3 batches, means three months, they start taking classes in exhaustive schedules...they never though that the syllabus should be completed well in time… and now in march, they are bombarding us with lectures... Lectures are kept almost every day…at this time when we should have been revising the things and preparing for upcoming exams in May, we are running every day to attend the exhaustive schedule of classes…we are not even getting the time to revise whatever taught in classes… My question is - was the DAMS management sleeping in October, November and December ….? And now suddenly somebody told them that exams are coming in may so they woke up and got on their toes to complete the syllabus before exams….? Just to save the fee which they have to pay to faculty per subject, they covered only 4-5 smaller subjects in first 11 weeks….later in january, when 3 batches were combined, it became economical for them to pay for the faculties….let students’ schedule go to hell…..who cares…. About the Class Tests : At the time of admission we were told that regular tests will be taken for all the subjects covered…at this time in may, when around 75% of the syllabus is complete, not even 30% of the tests have been taken….they don’t have any fixed timing of tests…they take them whenever they want… the course is about to be complete in a few days now…..what do they think that we should come specially, travelling for hours from our residences, to give class tests after the classes are over….do you think it is feasible…. or there is no importance of class tests ….? About the Teachers and the Syllabus covered – There is no coordination between the faculties about what is to be taught by whom….the overlapping topics are worst dealt with…every faculty says it will be covered by the other faculty and as a result the topics are left uncovered in classes…. There is no set syllabus according to which they have to teach in class…they cover according to the time which they have in hand… Pharmacology, which is a major subject is worst dealt with…it was not even 30% covered in the class…many overlapping topics were left saying that it will be dealt with in respective subjects, for eg opthal- pharmac, Psycho-pharmac…and a huge amount of time was wasted in making unnecessary jokes, …it would have been better if some more topics were covered instead of wasting time on jokes and unnecessary talks ….the printed notes given by DAMS of pharmacy are even worse…it’s a thin book of few pages which contains all the alien new drugs and nothing else….it can be best titled as New Drug book….with the combined knowledge of Pharmac class notes and the module given, not even 40% of the previous year questions can be solved….the faculty didn’t had answer to any of the student’s question, for every question asked he had only one answer I don’t know” with a head moving in NO….. The psychology was dealt in the worst haphazard manner…the teacher taught the topics randomly ….there was no sequence of what is to be told at what time….you can actually see the Flight Of Ideas in that class….a lot of time was wasted in telling unnecessary stories….out of two day class, around 6 hours were wasted telling stories….now when we open up our notes we simply cant understand what is written since it was taught in such a haphazard manner….. The biochemistry ….it was taught very superficially …..it looks like they have taught 4-5 year old things…you cant solve any recent year questions ( especially of AIIMS and PGI) with the knowledge of whatever taught in the class….many of the things were skipped or dealt with in detail…..whenever any question was asked in the class student was made fun of by saying “ ye to bahut gehri cheez sochi aapne’ itna to mujhe bhi nahi aata”, or “jyada poochho mat, bas yaad kar lo ise”…. Orthopaedics was also not covered well ….many of the topics were left oncovered…tumors topic was finished in just last half an hour of the class which doesn’t yield you answer to any question when you come back and try to solve them…soft tissue topic was not covered, neither the arthritis conditions….. Teachers in dams have the habit of jumping from one topic to another and then coming back to the topic, which really takes you off the track from that topic and also makes the notes all mixed up…. About other subjects, nothing special is taught in class, its all routine what other institutes teach….nothing special sort of thing for New AIPG pattern, in fact on the name of AIPG one liners they have reduced understanding part of the things and have converted to dictating one liners……except some teachers, others don’t really make any efforts to make you understand the things…. About the Subject-wise Printed Modules Given : When you start reading them they look like the worst things to be read for the preparation…..all are given in book like fashion, lengthy paragraphs written, instead of notes type…. instead of being compact and easy to read, they are huge, some are even more than 350-400 pages….you can definitely not cover them with classes….you need another separate set of time to cover them….its just not possible to join feb onward batch and cover things from the subject-wise modules to sit in November December exams…. About Class Venues : They keep changing the venues for each and every class….and at every new place students have to face new types of problems….to save money and time they keep combined classes of 7-8 batches in an auditorium in ITO area (of delhi) where even proper sitting arrangement is not present, it’s the most uncomfortable seating arrangement you will ever see for a lecture….the hall is overcrowded to accommodate the 7-8 batches’ students, for which they keep simple plastic chairs which have only back rest, with no writing space and no hand rest….the chairs are so uncomfortable that whole body starts aching even after attending half day of the class, and after coming back to room from a 10 hour class you feel so exhausted that you cant study anymore but to lie down….. think about this scenario when exams are 2-3 months ahead and you are coming all exhausted and body aching all over, from the uncomfortable class…..all your preparation plans and study schedule will be ruined….. NO place to Escape in case any Fire Breaks up : the ITO, Navashakti Auditorium Venue, is overfilled with students (around 600...6-8 batches combined) beyond its capacity...the auditorium has just one exit at the ground level...even in a simple Break time, it takes 8-10 minutes for a student sitting at the back to come out of the door all the way covering whole length of the class passing between the crowd... Now, in case if any fire breaks up, other than the few who are sittnig in the front, nobody will be able to escape the hall in that stampede situation and will be burnt alive there and then...the room is congested with lot of plastic chairs which will burn like fuel... who will take the responsibility of any such mishap if happens...who will be responsible for the lives lost...??? they dont care...money is bigger than any lives... About the Condition Inside the Classroom : The classrooms are small and low roofed in which they accommodate more than 200 students at a time…rooms are without any proper ventilation due to which in no time carbon dioxide and humidity starts to build up inside and it becomes extremely difficult to manage with that and concentrate on what is taught in class….. The projection from the overhead projector is so low that if you are sitting behind 5-6 th row, then you wont be able to see lower 1/3 rd of the board due to heads of the students sitting ahead of you….the projection cant be angled high because of the poorly engineered low roofed classroom….same is true for the teacher, you cant see the teacher because they are sitting almost at same level, so from behind its like attending a video session of the notepad with no direct visualization of the teacher and whatever they are trying to make us understand with their gestures…… About the Facebook DAMS club thing : They say that you can post your querries on the DAMS group on Facebook where they are answered by the Faculties…..no faculty is free enough to see your querry, and then it gets lost in the flood of posts, and your question simply remain unanswered….there are few active faculties who like to answer only in A/B/C/D, with no explanation for the answer given…. Do we have joined the coaching classes to get A/B/C/D as answer to our doubts…..?????? If somebody posts some complain or their resentmet over there they are specifically deleted before they could be read by the other students….instead of listening the things and having a solving approach, they have a suppressing approach, a not listening approach, a we don’t care approach ….. Overall Facebook Club is a big waste of time and a big distraction form studies…… About the Tablet which they give to every regular batch student : They promise to give a Tablet (Tab), which they call iDAMS, to every student who joins regular course saying that it contains many important lectures which will be useful to us once the classes are over they claim it to be costing around 30, 000 for iDAMS students… even if we say that we don’t want it so please deduct whatever 5-6k it costs them, they are not ready to deduct the Fee, even if we decline to take the Tablet…. when we got the Tab, we found that it was of the lowest quality possible …the so called lectures in it were 2-3 hour recordings of test and discussions sessions, not full subject covered….and to the worst all the lectures are 4-5 years old……means simply of NO USE….many of the students sold them on OLX and Quikr within a month of receiving it… its just another trick to snatch out money from students’ pocket…. About Basic Aminities : Even after taking a huge amount of Rs.98, 000 in fee they cant provide students with clean toilets and water in the wash basin tap….due to which after attending toilets, students directly go to the drinking water tap and wash hands there…. At Rajendra Palace Class Venue, the drainage of the Boys toilet got blocked on a weekend which lead to overflowing of the urine on the toilet floor ….for which students complained about…the office boy/attendant said that he talked with the cleaner and he is demanding Rs.200 to solve it…. but even until next weekend nothing was done about it and the whole class venue kept stinking heavily, for which then we personally mailed DAMS Director, neither any reply was given to the mail and nor the drainage was cleared until next weekend …… then we again mailed personally to him and even sent a pic of urine overflowing on the toilet floor, just to get no reply and no solution…..it took them 4 weekends to take action and get the blocked drain cleared….for 4 weeks the urine was flowing on the toilet floor, and whole class venue kept heavily stinking including the classroom…. Rs.200 were too much a big amount for them to spend to provide students a clean hygienic classroom environment…. So the big question is : is DAMS really worth to pay Rs.35, 000 more than other PG Medical Coachings…..???? they are just taking advantage of the flow which is there among the students and they are utilizing their marketing strategies in the best way to attract the students…..


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