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Contributors Group and previlage.
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What is Contributor's Members Group?

Contributor's Member group is the group of discuss forum members who are active on the forum and contributing useful posts and discussions. A minimum of 40 useful posts are required to become eligible to join Contributor's Group.

Why Contributor's Group and what are benefits?

A forum is incomplete without discussions. A forum is build with like minded people sharing thoughts and discussing things they care about with each others. No forum is complete without active members. But unfortunately there are many users who only join a forum to get what they want and leave (in internet terms they are called leechers). At discuss we want to discourage such thing, that is why we came up with Contributor's Group, a group of active members. The members of this group will have access to premium sections of the forum like Contributor's library and many more. This is our way to say thanks to our active members.

How to join this group?

To join this group just visit Group Memberships page (http://discuss.acrosspg.com/usercp.php?a...usergroups), where you will see Contributor's Group. Click on Join Group and follow the step. Please remember the group membership are moderated and need approval by admin.

What are the minimum requirement of joining this group?

The only requirement is 40 useful posts. Once you reach 40 posts you can apply for membership.

We are also working on a Donation system to get group membership, where the members who are not finding enough time to contribute discussions on forum can make a small monetary donation to access all the sections for Contributors. This step is thought in favour of exam going doctors and also to manage running cost of servers and domain etc.

What do you mean by useful posts?

A useful post is one which give meaningful discussions to the forum. Few examples are posting revision points, controversial questions or discussing exam MCQ with friends etc.
The posts which are not counted as useful are for example, posting thanks/thank you repeated, or posting meaningless posts or irrelevent things randomly. Please note that posting unnecessary things just for the sake of increasing post count may cause in temporary and permanent ban from the forum. The decision of admins and moderators of discuss will be final in this regards.
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