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Get selected medical books free on AcrossPG
Dear Members,

Welcome to AcrossPG Forum. We always try to help out medical students and doctors preparing for PG entrance exams as much as possible. So we are starting this initiative to provide selected medical ebooks to our members. 

What is this initiative?
  • First of all, acrosspg.com is not one of the medical website which promote piracy of medical content. We do not host and share any unauthorized medical content on our sites.
  • We started this because Medical science is quite extensive field of study and it is not possible to get all the required detail in a single book. Thus, doctors may need to refer multiple textbooks from time to time. Medical text books are costly and it is not feasible for many of us to buy all the books for reference purposes. Many of us do not even have access to library specially in India where there is heavy scarcity of good medical libraries in most hospitals. 
  • We want to help those doctors, who are unable to read, update their knowledge due to unavailability of books due to any reason.
  • Internet is full of shared medical content. We only help with the content already available on internet. We do not upload any content on our site.
How to get the benefit of this?
  • This is available to only Indian medical students and doctors only.
  • The members want to utilize this initiative must be one of the Verified Member (More details here).
  • The member must become a member of Contributors. This is either by contribution of forum content or financial. Know more here.
  • We also advice our members to first search the required resource on google, because the chance is you may find it there easily.
For more details or any other query, please email us on [email protected] or fill the contact form HERE
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