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Anaesthesia MCQs - acrosspg - 01-02-2017

1. At what level are the vocal cords most likely to lie in a young child?

A C2-3
B C3-4
C C4-5
D C5-6

2. Which of the following ventilator settings is most appropriate after intubation for airway protection after an isolated traumatic brain injury.

A Tidal volume 12 mL/kg
B I:E ratio 2:1
C Respiratory rate 8/min
D PEEP 5 cmH20

3. Which of the following is TRUE about opioids and opioid-like drugs?

A Tramadol is a kappa opioid receptor antagonist.
B Methadone can cause QT prolongation
C Fentanyl is more likely than morphine to cause histamine release
D Buprenorphine has SNRI activity

4. With regards to the paediatric airway which of the following is TRUE

A The choice of endotracheal tube size is different for cuffed and uncuffed tubes
B The epiglottis is more anterior and caudal in the child
C The shorter trachea results in higher rates of right main bronchus intubation compared to left
D Children have a relatively larger functional residual capacity than adults

5. Which of the following is NOT a contraindication to Biers Block

A Hypertension
B Sickle cell disease
C Cellulitis
D Children younger than 8 years

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RE: Anaesthesia MCQs - acrosspg - 01-02-2017

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RE: Anaesthesia MCQs - acrosspg - 02-02-2017

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