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New android app for discuss - acrosspg - 14-12-2016

Moving with the trend, we are launching Android app for discuss forum. The first release of the app can be downloaded from HERE.


1. Get updates on new posts from AcrossPG.com
2. Latest NEWS and notifications from acrosspg.com
3. Access discuss and docial forums within the app. Participate in MCQ and other PG entrance related discussions.
4. Get important points, short notes, Image based MCQs on docial forum.
5. Much more to come.

APP Details

Name: AcrossPG
Detail: com.acrosspg.talks.apk
Size: 10 mb
Compatibility: Androin 4 and above
Version: 0.9b
Release date: 12th Dec 2016

Blog Post - AcrossPG Android app | AcrossPG Blog!

Please download and use the app and participate in the poll whether the app is useful or not.

RE: New android app for discuss - abhi - 14-12-2016

Thanks for the android app. The app is very helpful. App interface is more convenient than the website.

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