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Read this before making a request - acrosspg - 23-08-2015

Hello all members,

At AcrossPG, we constantly try to help young medicos in their studies and preparation for PG entrance exams. In this process, we are introducing the request section.

You can make your request here, for medical text books, USMLE books etc. We will try to find the requested resource and provide it to you, but note that although we try our best, there is no surety, we will be able to complete the request.

Few pointers:
  • Any registered member can make a request here.
  • There is no set time frame in which the request will be completed.
  • The request made by active members of discuss will be given priority.
  • The requests for expensive standard text books will be given priority.
  • If the admin feels any request to be inappropriate, the particular post may be deleted.
  • There is no guaranteeĀ for completing the request.