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Ophthalmology Mini Test - Cornea - acrosspg - 21-08-2015

[Image: pvd.jpg?resize=342%2C216]

Features of the Mini Practice Test:

  • This is a small practice test with 10 MCQs from the Cornea topic from subject Ophthalmology.

  • You can attempt the test only 1 time. And you need to be registered with AcrossPG. If you are not already registered REGISTER HERE

  • The corect answers will be shown on submission of the test.

  • The result will be displayed on the correct answer page.

  • The MCQs with answers with short explanation will be available in docial group and discuss.

Take the test at: http://www.acrosspg.com/practice-test/ophthalmology-mini-test-cornea