Full Version: Anatomy Questions - AIIMS Nov 2014
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1. Panniculus adiposus is seen in-

1. Eye lid
2. Orbit
3. Penis
4. Scrotum

2. Which structure of human body is protected by Turkish saddle like structure?

1. Hypothalamus
2. Submandibular Gland
3. Pituitary gland
4. Adrenal Glands

3. Which of the following is correct for Cavernous sinus thrombosis except

1. Spread by inferior ophthalmic vein
2. ethmoidal sinusitis is one of the cause
3. Loss of orbital sensation
4. Loss of jaw jerk

4. A new born child presents with discharge from umbilicus while crying. What is the probable diagnosis?

1. Umbilical hernia
2. Urachal fistula
3. Bladder outlet obstruction
4. Enterocele

5. Which cranial nerve nucleus lies deep to facial colliculus?

1. Abducent nucleus
2. occulomotor nerve
3. trigeminal nerve
4. facial nerve

6. Membrana tectoria is a continuation of

1. Posterior longitudinal ligament
2. Anterior longitudinal ligament
3. Spinous ligament
4. Meninges

7. All are true about sphincter urethrae except?

1. Located at bladder neck
2. Pudendal nerve supplies it,
3. Voluntary,
4. Origin from ischiopubic rami

8. All pass through the marked structure in picture except

1. Meningial artery
2. Maxillary Nerve
3. Lesser petrosal nerve
4. Emissary vein

9. All are made of dense regular collagen except?

1. Tendon
2. Ligament
3. periosteum
4. aponeurosis