Full Version: PSM practice questions 27-8-2015
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1. which one is the best indicator for hep B infection in community?

a. hepB surface Ag
b. hepB surface Ab
c. core antibody
d. core antigen

2. experiment study with most accurate result?
a. RCT+Double blinding
b. retrospective cohort study
c. cross sectional study
d. meta analysis

3. Hawthorne Effect is related to
a. Neynam bias
b. selection bias
c. subject bias
d. measurement bias

4 In a certain population, there were 4050 births in the last one year. There were 50 still births. 50 infants died within 7 days where as 150 died within 28 days. What is the Neonatal mortality rate?

a. 50
b. 62.5
c. 12.5
d. 49.4

5. The fatality is maximally caused by which of the following types of natural disasters?
a. Hydrological
b. Geological
c. Metereological
d. Climatological

6 Which of the following is not true for incubation period?
a. To differentiate between Secondary attacked & coincidentary primary cases
b. To determine the period of isolation of cases
c. To determine period of quarantine
d. To prevent disease in contacts

7. According to ICMR guidelines what is the daily
protein requirement of a girl age group 13-15 yrs –
a. 0.8 gm
b. 0.95 gm
c. 1gm
d. 1.33 gm

8. Rashtriya Swastha Bima Yojana is –
a. Low cost insurance scheme by general insurance companies
b. Industry associated insurance scheme meant for workers
c. Government health insurance scheme meant for the poor
d. d. Central Government insurance scheme for employees

9. An investigator obtained an increased incidence of a disease due to high fat diet in a country by obtaining data from the health authorities and food industry of the country. This type of study is called –
a. Ecological
b. Cross-sectional
c. Psephological
d. Experimental

10. A study found that an inverse relation exists between consumption of vegetables containing -carotene and development of cancer. This finding could also be because of other factors like fibres which are also consumed by people along with the vegetables and which also prevents the development of cancer. This is an example of –
a. Differential misclassification
b. Confounding
c. Regression of mean
d. Multifactorial association